About Us

Wedderburn Honey was started by us, Catherine and Dan Talbot, as a hobby to meet our own honey needs. The passion for bee keeping soon took hold and the number of hives has since grown from one to many. The honey we produce is raw and unprocessed, extracted at room temperature, it comes straight form the hive to you. Our bees are housed in natural wooden hives and they build honeycomb on traditional wooden frames with beeswax foundation. We do not use any plastic or polystyrene in our hives. We only ever take excess honey from our hives and always leave enough stores for the bees to ensure that the colonies thrive. The liquid gold that we produce comes from the wildflowers and forests of the south-west of Western Australia, a beautiful part of the world we are lucky to call home. We invite you to enjoy with us, the sweet taste of our South West.

Our Honey

Wedderburn Honey comes straight from the hive to you. Our honey is raw and unprocessed, just as nature intended. We do not heat our honey, but extract it at room temperature. The honey is then run through a fine sieve to remove any flakes of wax after which it is poured straight into the jar.